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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  June 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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power play. >> and why would they do it? two boys accused of killing nearly a dozen chickens in the east bay? abc news starts in 60 sececececc
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a smart meter or your power? >> that's the ultimatum one man faced when he told the installer he didn't want one. good evening. that man caught the worker's strong arm tactics on tape. >> you will hear what was said during a showdown during pg&e's controversial smart meters. leslie brinkly has the story tonight. >> that's right. a man named charles pine says he turned down a smart meter last year, but on june 6th, he was eating lunch at his home and he claimed he saw a pg&e truck pull up unannounced. >> i look out the window and i see a stranger in a pg&e uniform. >> he confronted the man who appeared to be a pg&e worker
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and told him he didn't want a smart meter. he had a pocket recorder rolling when the worker said he would call his boss. >> call and you discuss with you either putting back up the line or allowing us to put it in. >> what do you mean? >> they will discontinue your sofs. >> later the ruin formed man repeated the message. >> they are going to say either we install it or you find another energy company. >> that's quite a serious procedure to cutoff someone's electricity because they don'tñr agree to a smart meter. >> the worker returned 45 minutes later and handed him a card with a pg&e opt out hotline number. >> i imagine they are under tremendous pressure, the employees to install the last few meters and i think the tactics are outrageous. you don't go on to somebody's property without notice and changing out the meter particularly with all of the controversy. >> if our employee actually made that statement, we are sorry. that is not our policy, and we are looking into this.
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we are making contact with the customer and we want to find out the facts. they do have the option of delaying their smart meter installation. >> pg&e says they can get on a delay list and hold off the smart meter installation until the california public utilities commission makes a decision on a radio off option. that means pg&e would install the smart meters, but a meter reader would have to come out to the homes. >> the issue isn't whether pg&e has the authority to shut people's power off for refusing a smart meter because they do have the short. the real issue is what is a smart way to win customer support for smart readers? >> so you don't have to get a smart meter, at least not yet, but you do have to get your name on pg&e's delay list. in the into us room, leslie brinkly, abc news. >> thanks. a disturbing discovery in alameda where chickens were
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slaughtered over the weekend. they were part of a project. >> those who were raising them are trying to make sense of what happened and why. >> these are the survivors of an attack that left 11 chickens dead. >> i didn't understand what happened at first. when i seen the shovel i was really, really disappointed. it is a terrible thing. >> i just saw him dead and i saw my dad cry. >> they are a community of former homeless people who live on the old navy base and tend to their community gardens in their free time. the chickens were the nucleus of a project that taught lifeless sons. >> it taught them responsibility. they had to be here every day feeding on them and checking on them, and then when they would take the eggs and sell them on the farms and they learned business skills, when they would take the eggs to the community breakfast, the whole community is learning about healthy eating. the chickens did a lot. >> i was sad. >> why?
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>> because they gave us lots of food in the morning to go to school. >> can you tell the difference between one of these eggs and one from the store, the taste? >> they taste better. >> this particular brood was raised by the group of kids from the time they were chicks. the chickens that were killed were almost old enough to begin laying eggs, and that would have meant more income from the kids. the money was used to fund field trips. police believe a 12-year-old boy and a younger boy who don't live here are responsible. now the youth project organizers want them to help raise more chickens as part of their punishment. alan wang, a -- abc news. the family of missing nursing student michelle le plans to meet with police to figure out where to organize another search. le vanished on may 27th when she went to retrieve something from her car in the garage at kaiser hospital in hayward. detectives believe she was murdered. investigators are working with a company that specializes in
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getting forensic information from cell phones in the hope of public pointing a search area. the san francisco board of supervisors gave their final approval for a plan to transform treasure island. the project includes building a mini city featuring 8,000 housing units along with retail and office space. the plan also calls for upgrading existing roads while building new ones. the former naval base will also feature a ferry terminal. the work is scheduled to start for next year. the state budget deadline is now 24 hours away. democrats in sacramento are rushing to work out a deal now that could be passed on a majority vote without republican support. the latest plan would tax purchases from on-line stores like it would bump up the car ridge -- registration fees and it would cut higher education, public safety and the court system. also it would revive a plan to sell state buildings. remember it was abandoned a
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few months ago. under a new law, legislators' pay is cutoff if they miss tomorrow's budget deadline. the san jose city council approved a new contract with police today that cuts officers' pay and benefits it by 10% to help the city close its $115 million budget deficit. the moves saves the jobs of 1 56 officers, but others would likely be laid off. they are worried cutbacks would hurt safety where the total has already surged past last year's. >> i am concerned about the impact on public safety when we are shrinking the police department. we have less officers are on the force and out there pro protecting the public than we had 10 years ago. >> the agreement comes as police investigate the city's 27th homicide of the year. that's one more than san francisco. an early morning shooting claimed the life of a man and injured three others. police have not made any arrests. there was a fatal crash on the bridge today. it happened just after 3:00
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when a mini-van stalled and a car crashed into the back of it. the driver of the car was killed. two lanes were blocked for almost two hours during the clean up and the investigation. no other injuries were reported. a judge upheld the ruling striking down california's ban on same-sex marriage. the judge rejected arguments by proposition a proponents that because he was gay he was biased when he ruled prop 8 is unconstitutional. in today's ruling, the judge wrote, "it is not reasonable to presume that a judge is incapable of making an impartial decision about the constitutionality of a law solely because as a citizen the judge could be affected by the proceedings. the attorney representing the couple that filed the gay marriage lawsuit says justice was done today. >> this is a very powerful ruling that makes clear that gay and lesbian judges are entitled to the same assumptions of i'm partiality,
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fairness that all of our federal judges get. and i think it sends a powerful message of equality now that extends to the federal bench. >> the prop 8 sponsors say they will appeal today's decision. >> first lady michelle obama swept into town on a fundraising mission for her's re-election. the 200 guests paid between 1,000 and $5,000 for breakfast with the first lady. lunch at san francisco's merchant exchange building cost $2500. that's in contrast to the nearly $36,000 that dinner with president obama cost when he barnstormed in april. president obama today was the first president to visit puerto rico since j.f.k. 50 years ago. the president told a cheering crowd in san juan that he will support whatever puerto ricans will decide when they vote whether they will become the 51st state, remain a u.s. territory or become an independent country. up next, another local ipo.
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how a company that has never made a profit will suddenly be worth $2.5 billion. >> and also tonight, congressman wiener knows well the secret house gym where he took some of his infamous photos. and the woman who had a child with former governor schwarzenegger is talking publicly and showing pictures. and then late other "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden. coming up next, presidential contenders are asking for more than your vote. it could be just another way to get rich. and a legendary hollywood father and daughter, ryan and tatum o'neil are trying to tatum o'neil are trying to patch things up on camera.
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completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to oakland-based pandora will make its debut on wall street in the morning. the internet radio service will of oner stock at $16 a share when trading opens. it puts the value at $2.5 billion, five times greater than what pandora's own board thought the company was worth six months ago. analysts feel the registered users make it an attractive stock even though the company has lost $92 million since it started. the eipo comes -- the ipo
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comes after linked went public last month. they think it is the warm up acts for several other internet stars including groupon and facebook. it is an ultra exclusive health club subsidized by taxpayer dollars, but most taxpayer dollars are not welcome. but now it is ground zero for the anthony wiener scandal. >> at issue for many congressmen, he took a photograph of himself and yes from the privacy of the house gym. apparently a congressional perk, and a popular one. our nation's economy may be in horrible shape, but a lot of our congressmen are not. >> the precise location of the house gym is kept somewhat secret. we are here two floors underground in the house office building in its obscured little nook. and you can see this is the house gym. the door is locked and the
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only way to get in is for a member of congress to call and be buzzed in. even though you are paying for much of it, they will not let us show it to you. >> only for members. >> and they do not want to talk about it. >> i was wondering if i could ask you a couple questions about the gym? >> no. >> we are told it is nice in. there flat screen tv's, workout machines, basketball hoops, a swimming pool. >> you have to go to the rules. >> we can't come in? >> all that for less than half of the average cost for you at your gym. members of congress pay just $2 a month. a fear clearly subsidized by taxpayers. and how much does it cost to run this plush members wellness center as it is called? we sought information from the senate rules committee, the treasury department, the house sergeant at arms, and no one would tell us how much it cost and the figures are hidden.
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the only response for the american people, quote, we do not provide information on the house gym for security purposes. >> we get the idea they don't get what is going on when they have the perks at their fingertips including the hair care and the parking facilities. they are living more than the average life. >> all this while they look to cut your benefits to reduce the deficit. call it pumping irony. jake taper, abc news, the capital. arnold schwarzenegger's former housekeeper has broken her silence on the affair she had with him and the child that resulted from that relationship. she even allowed hello magazine to publish the boy's picture saying it was schwarzenegger's wife, maria shriver who first noticed the resemblance. she said shriver asked her directly if the boy was schwarzenegger's son, and that's when she admitted the affair. the housekeeper worked in the schwarzenegger household for 20 years and said she apologized to shriver who she
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called surprisingly compassionate. she told the magazine she hopes arnold and maria can work things out. the sun is shining again and the government is responding to a soaring skin cancer rate increase by imposing new regulations on sunscreen makers. the sunscreens must have an spf of at least 15 and offer protection against uvb and uva rays in order to claim that it helps pre haven't cancer and aging. right now the government only requires uvb protection. those rays burn the skin's surface. uva rays penetrate the skin. >> they are equally dangerous and you really need broad spectrum protection. this will save lives. this will decrease skin cancers. >> and sunscreen makers will no longer be able to claim they are water proof or sweat proof. guess what, there is no such thing. rising waters have forced someñi campers to move to dryer ground infá yosemite national park. the record snowpack continues to cause the signature water
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fall to roar, but nuding forced the rangers to close two camp grounds. all of that water ends up in a merced river that is flowing rapidly through the yosemite valley, and park9ejt)(rp&s point out that the rushing cold water makes it dangerous for anyone who gets too close to the river. what a sight. >> it is spectacular. and the snowpack will keep on melting in the next few days. >> it is definitely warmer. sandhya patel has a look at the forecast now. >> and it is going to be another warm day tomorrow. if you enjoyed today, the chances are you will like tomorrow. here is what it looked like this afternoon. it warmed up to the mid90s in concord and livermore. 85 in san jose. 89 in redwood city. 90 degrees in san rafael. santa rosa 88. look at san francisco. it was a pleasant 70 degrees. oakland up to 76. enough of a breeze and a little fog kept half moon bay in the 60s today. but pretty much across the board the temperatures were up anywhere from 5 to about 17 degrees. the temperatures right now are on the warm side in places
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like livermore and anteing yo. look at antioch. it is almost 80 degrees there. it is feeling more like summer. 60s across most of the rest of the bay area except right near the coast we have 50s. compared to 24 hours ago, just about everyone running higher. livermore is up 12 degrees. 5 degrees warmer in san jose. san rafael about 7 degrees warmer. so it is definitely going to be a milder night. patchy fog along the coast. another warm day tomorrow, and then a cooling trend begins on thursday. let me show you what it will look like tonight. clear and mild, low to mid60s in our inland east bay. fairfield, 60 degrees. morgan hill, cloverdale 60 degrees. the rest of the bay area in the 50s. the really comfortable weather across the entire region. and as you look at the pacific satellite picture, this ridge of high pressure is going to hold on for another day. so we will expect another warm day tomorrow. and then things start to change a little bit. let's show you a computer animation. first thing in the morning, a
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couple patches of fog, and then the sun is out, and it is a warm day. bayside and inland communities, 80s and 90s and some 60s and 70s right near the coast. so really a nice looking day. a wide range of temperatures much like what you expect around the summertime. we are a week from summer, but it is already feeling like it in the bay area. specific temperatures for the south bay, 86 -- 87 in saratoga and campbell and san jose. you are looking at 80 in redwood city. menlo park is warming up to 84 degrees in lossal toes. the coastal areas in the mid60s, so not much will change there. downtown san francisco, 72 degrees. back up to normal for this time of year. mid to upper 60s right near the coastline. and in the north bay, you are going to see the 60s at our beaches. stip son beach 66 degrees. -- stinson beach 66. 91 for cal go and ukiah. east bay, upper 70s for
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oakland and hercules. temperatures are on the warm side with the low 90s. above normal for this time of year. 91 for livermore. for the monterey bay, 78 degrees in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. enjoy the warmth. it turns cooler on thursday. much cooler on friday and a holding pattern for saturday and by father's day temperatures begin to rise again. a nice looking day for any outdoor plans for dads. tuesday, the summer solstice occurs at 10:16 in the morning. >> thanks, sandhya. up next, how the quality of your wife's sleep could affect your marriage. >> what happens when a man gets less sleep? stay with us.
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dismie -- the most expensive musical in broadway history opened. some waited 10 years for this. it cost $75 million to produce "spider-man, turn off the dark" u-2's bono was the composer. it faced accidents and a major mishap. an actor broke several bones falling several feet from the
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stage. no mishaps tonight. the amount of sleep you get could have an impact on the quality of your marriage. a study by psychologists at the university of pittsburgh finds that wives who took longer to fall asleep the night before reported poor husbands the next day. and their husbands confirm it. surprisingly, when husbands got less sleep it boosted their marital bliss. the exact reasons for the fact is unknown, but the study is on going. >> i'm sure dr. biel has a theory on this one. >> if i don't sleep, i can't arrive at work with my normal sunny disposition. a -- perhaps i should sleep more. >> it wouldn't be a giants game without a white knuckle 9. there is tension in the desert. maybe it is for lack of sleep. pablo sandoval returns and makes his presence felt. makes his presence felt. sports is next.
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in the midst of the injuries the giants were welcoming back pablo sandoval. he was coming back from wrist surgery. he returned in arizona and made his presence felt. the names of those needing to get well, it is like a whole starting lineup. welcome back at the bottom there. sandoval singles to right. it is 1-0 giants. pablo 1 for 4 on theó night. giants up 2-0 in the fifth. it is his second double of the game. sandoval scores and so does aubrey huff. the giants are cruising until matt cain runs into some trouble in the 6th. here it comes and there it goes. he is all over the fast ball. a three-run homer, and it is now a one-roup game. nate the great. he smoked to left center and running hard from first. it was bobbled by chris young. 6-4 giants and a one-run game in the 9th. he gets steven drew to end it.
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they are now a game and a half up on arizona in the west. bob melvin, his first home game as the a's skipper. a's hosting kc. matsui and high, deep and sayonara means goodbye. his fifth of the year and a's down 2-1. what is up with cahill. it is his 6th walk of the and then billy butler brings both men home. josh welling ham miss played it. the royals go on to win it 7-4. college ball and the bears are heading to omaha for the college world series. not too bad for a teammkç earmarked for extension. because of the budget cuts saved from the ghia teen. they will play sunday against number one virginia. this season has been unbelievable. >> the story is great. we actually joked about it. if we make it this star they will make a movie out of it. >> very few athletes have ever
11:31 pm
had so many fans rooting for them to lose, but that's the way it is for lebron james who tried to do some damage con -- control after losing game six. he said his life would be great and all of the haters would have to go back to his own problems instead of focusing on him. he said today he wasn't trying to insult anybody. >> it wasn't saying i am superior or better than any man or woman on this planet, i am not. i would never look at myself bigger than any of you guys in here or anybody that watches our game or anybody that would look at me as a professional basketball player. i am not superior to anyone. did may have come off wrong, but that wasn't my intent at all. >> it is going to be a long summer of backpedaling for lebron. >> thanks, larry. >> "nightline" is up next. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel, thanks for joining us. appreciate your time and hope to see you here tomorrow.
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